Today we’re going to talk about the Heart Chakra. This chakra is also called Anahata and is the fourth of the seven major chakras. Here is the center of unconditional and universal love.

It is related to the heart and whole circulatory system, the arms and hands, the respiratory system, shoulders, diaphragm, ribs, chest, and the thymus gland.

Many emotions are centered in the heart chakra. Emotions such as love, joy, the ability to make ourselves feel better, feelings of isolation and loneliness, hatred, fear of betrayal, grief, and jealousy are all connected to the balance or imbalance of the heart chakra.

Functions of the Heart Chakra

1. Physical health

The heart chakra controls the essential life forces that are vital for human life. It governs the heart, the lungs, and blood circulation. It plays a significant role in producing T-cells, which are essential for a healthy immune system because, as we already said, it is associated with the thymus gland.

Facing physical health issues like high blood pressure, lung diseases, breathing difficulties, lung or chest cancer is a common indicator that this chakra has been blocked for a long time.

2. Love and emotions

For proper and balanced functioning of the heart chakra, you must first learn to love yourself and then others around you. Try to never complain about things you do not have or about things or people around you that annoy you. Life is a wonderful thing, so instead of complaining, enjoy and be grateful for things you already have and find your peace to understand why you don’t have the things you want. Maybe it’s the right time for you to have them or simply you are not ready. If you have something that you are not ready to have, you will be suffering, struggling, and feeling frustrated.

Remember that everything happens for a reason, there are no coincidences but only synchronicity and the right time.

Reiki’s teachings use one affirmation that brings peace in our mind and heart, and we highly recommend you use it every day: “I’m grateful for my many blessings.”

The heart chakra can be severely damaged and out of balance when we have situations in life that cause emotional distress. If you are going into a divorce, abandonment, separation, isolation, emotional or physical abuse, grieving caused due to death, you must work on your heart chakra to prevent many physical diseases from happening.

There is this general rule for each chakra – if the chakra loses balance, and the problem is not resolved but is rather present for a longer period, then the chakra becomes prone to many physical illnesses and emotional conditions.

Unfavorable outcomes from a blocked heart chakra include feeling lonely, betrayed, being defensive, possessive, controlling, and paranoid.

Healing the Heart Chakra

The following advice might help in balancing and healing the heart chakra.

1. Surround yourself with green

Enjoy and appreciate nature. Don’t harm it and spend more time outdoors. This chakra is associated with green, so surround yourself with greenery.

Visualize a strong green light entering your heart. Inhale and imagine a soft green light filling up your heart. Exhaling and visualize removing negative energy out of your body. Stay focused on inhaling and do not put too much effort while exhaling.

2. Yoga

Practicing yoga is very beneficial in keeping the heart chakra balanced and clear. Usually, but not necessarily, when the heart chakra is blocked, the throat chakra is blocked too.  There is this ‘camel pose’ or Ustrasana in Yoga that works well for both chakras. Focus on extending your lower back while opening and stretching your upper back. Ask a Yoga teacher for more guidance and information.

3. Forgive and forget

Let go of the past and focus on what you have now. Forgiving yourself and others is very important for a balanced heart chakra. Think of the things you can be grateful for right now and focus on looking forward to a better future.

Rewinding past situations that trouble you will only strengthen the emotional relationship you have with that situation or person, and you will be energizing something very unhealthy. You will continue feeling betrayed, frustrated, angry, or lonely. Counseling, meditating, or talking to a friend might help.

4. Exercise

Exercise is good for a healthy lifestyle. If you aren’t into exercising or if it’s too hard for you, then start with small goals like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking or cycling to the market instead of taking a ride.

5. Essential oils

Rose oil is an excellent heart healer.  Using rose oil is beneficial in the fight against depression. It can help you develop positive thoughts, be more optimistic, happy, and fill you up with spirit.

Clary sage is a nerve tonic. It is also good at combating depression. You will find it extremely relaxing to have aromatherapy with Clary sage or rose oil.

6. Visualize green or pink light while chanting ‘YAM’

You can use the ‘yam’ mantra to clear and release the blockages in the heart chakra. Gemstones such as Emerald, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Green Jade, and Pink Tourmaline can also be used. Place them at the heart chakra while performing Reiki.

Reiki and the Heart Chakra

Reiki is a very effective method for healing and balancing the heart chakra. Here is one way to treat yourself with Reiki, but it is always better if you use your intuition and guidance while performing a self-treatment. Reiki is a very effective way of healing and balancing the heart chakra.

  • Relax comfortably
  • Place or hover your hands on your chest in the heart area
  • Be open to healing and warmly welcome the flow of energy into your heart, for the highest good
  • For Reiki 2 practitioners: use the symbols to fine-tune the energy flow. Use Cho Ku Rei to clear the emotional burden and Sei He Ki to clear your negative mental patterns.



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