After explaining the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, and the Third Eye chakras, we’re left with the last but not least chakra – the Crown Chakra.

The lotus flower symbolizes the crown chakra. It is also called Sahasrara and the color violet or white represents it. This is the last of the seven main chakras.
It is mainly related to God, the connection to the divine soul, faith, spirituality, and religion. Blockages of this chakra may arise by the negative feelings about God, universal source, faith, or religion. Your fears about trusting your intuition may also cause an imbalance of the Sahasrara.

It is located at the top of the head and many relate it to the part of the soul that is the purest. It moves upwards and outwards past the physical body. Believers who got angry at God for some reason, have a blocked crown chakra.
As it represents the connection with God and the spirit, this chakra is related to the part of the consciousness that deals with separation and opinions of unity.

Functions of the Crown Chakra

1. Physical health

This chakra is responsible for the proper function of many vital organs, glands, and systems of the body, such as the pituitary gland, the brain, and the nervous system.
An imbalance in the crown chakra results in physical problems such as migraines, stroke, coma, cognitive delusions, brain tumors, and amnesia. On a mental level, a blocked crown chakra leads to spiritual cynicism, a rigid belief system, illnesses related to stress, depression, anxiety, and hysteria.

2. Spirituality

The crown chakra directs the energy of the Higher Self. The Higher Self is a particular part of yourself, which makes you feel secure and healthy. You will feel the presence of the divine spirit and open yourself to accept love and wisdom from your higher self. When the crown chakra is balanced, you will be spiritually connected with the spirit. By allowing the spirit to guide you, you will feel inspired and secure in all the things you do.

3. Intelligence

The crown chakra increases your ability to absorb information, form perceptions, and to analyze. You become more aware and intelligent if knowledge is your true nature. Opening the crown chakra can’t make you smarter if you are not, but it can open and clear your mind so the intelligence can come to the surface. A balanced crown chakra allows you to be able to question, understand more than before, and be open-minded.
An imbalanced crown chakra can cause invalidation of your belief, learning difficulties, blind obedience, and apathy. Also withheld information, forced religiosity, education that does not encourage curiosity, are all related to the blocked crown chakra.

4. Personality building

A balanced crown chakra can make you become one with the source which makes you complete. It also causes the highest level of empowerment, responsibility, and vitality in people. You become more joyous and the possibilities expand to infinity. You will enlighten with the bliss of your own spirit. An imbalance in the chakra causes you to become greedy, oppressive, materialistic, and selfish.

Healing and balancing the Crown Chakra

You can try some of the following to clear your crown chakra.

1. Meditation

Meditation is very effective at clearing your crown chakra because it connects you to your higher self and higher power. Sit comfortably, relax, breath, and visualize bright golden light illuminating the entire crown chakra. This soft light reconnects you with yourself, the spirit, and the world around you.

2. Let go of your ego

Being self-confident and being egoistic are two different things. Self-confidence comes from acceptance of knowledge, while egotism is triggered by insecurity. Learning to leave your ego aside can help clear your chakra.

3. Choose love

Love yourself for your deeds and love others around you. This way, you will open your other chakras, not the crown chakra only.

4. Pray

It does not have to be formal praying or something that is foreign to you. Let your inner self speak in the form of a prayer.

5. Reiki to Unblock the Crown Chakra

As always, Reiki practitioners each have their own way of working, but generally, the work on this chakra is related to the color violet or white. As with any chakra, below is just one method on how to work with it. Feel free to be guided by your spirit guides or intuition.

Relax comfortably, activate Reiki with the intention to balance and clear the blockages on the crown chakra for your highest good. Hold or hover your hands on the top of your had or an inch or two above your head. Hold your hands and allow your intuition to tell you when to stop. Thank Reiki, and wash your hands with cold water.

For Reiki 2 practitioners:
Activate Reiki, draw the Power Symbol – Cho Ku Rei, set the intention on the crown chakra to expand for the highest good.
Relax and feel the tranquility, hold your hands for a while, and now draw the emotional symbol – Sei He Ki. Listen to your intuition on what symbols to use next, if any. If your good with the emotional symbol, just stay that way and feel your crown chakra opening and expanding.

6. Mantra, Gemstones, and Aromatherapy

For mantra healing, use the ‘OM’ sound to clear your crown chakra. This allows the mind to relax and awaken.
You can also use gemstones in addition to or as a sole method for healing. Use Amethyst and rock crystal to awaken the crown chakra.
Aromas of lotus and olibanum are also useful for chakra healing.



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