In this article, I want to get you familiar with the seven levels of the human body’s aura and help you understand the method allowing you to see your own aura.

Every living thing has an aura. The aura is an electromagnetic space surrounding the body from head to toe.

It is an extension of the soul and part of the life force energy. All people, animals, and plants have an aura.

The aura can extend up to 25cm from the physical body, and it can be thicker or thinner depending on the physical, emotional, and spiritual condition of the person.

When we move close to someone, your auras touch, and there is a feeling of being close. Our aura defines our personal space. While this aura touch is desirable in romantic relationships or among family members, it can be extremely inappropriate for strangers crammed together in an elevator, for example.

Auras can be any color or multiple colors at once. The color of the aura suggests the condition of your health and wellbeing. If healing is needed, there can be dark pitches.

Some people can see or read auras. The depth, color, and general light of someone’s aura is their guide to their condition or wellbeing.

The Seven Levels of the Aura

The aura is in colored layers as the seven colors of the spectrum. The colors are in order from the body outwards – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

The colors are not repeated, and the color bands can be thicker or thinner and show greener or more red tones, for example.

When working with Reiki, the practitioner will place their hands within the recipient’s aura to channel healing. The practitioners don’t touch the person’s body but hover their hands within their aura. If you haven’t noticed yet, the colors of the aura relate to the colors of the chakras and their meanings.

How to See Your Aura

To see our own aura, we use the peripheral vision, which means to see something without directly looking at it. There’s a short exercise for you to practice seeing your own aura, but please remember that if you don’t see anything, that means that you are not ready to see. Please do not push it. Reiki never works with pushing things.

Sit facing a mirror with a plain light wall behind you.

Uncross your arms, legs, and ankles; let the energy flow.

Look at the mirror and stare at a point n the front of your neck.

Look through your neck towards the wall behind and put your focus past your body.

Take your time and as you focus on the wall behind, let your peripheral vision take over, and you may see a thin light around your physical body.

With practice, this thin light may become thicker.

At first, you may see a white light, but with practice, you will begin to see other colors within the aura. You can practice this every day until eventually, you will start to see people’s and animal’s aura.

Aura Colors

Purple symbolizes spirituality and awareness. This color is a sign that someone is becoming more spiritually open and aware.

Blue in someone’s aura means that the energy is balanced, and intuitive abilities are present. Bright royal blue can indicate psychic skills.

Green is a color that signifies natural healing abilities. If someone has turquoise in the aura, that person possesses powerful healing attributes.

Yellow indicates a playful and curious personality and nature. The presence of this color often indicates spiritual awakening.

Orange is the color that is connected to emotions and vitality. Bright orange symbolizes that someone is in good health and is living life to the fullest. If it’s mixed with flashes of red, it indicates confidence.

Red is a powerful color that represents action. If someone has darker shades, it means that he/she is self-sufficient, but cloudy red indicates negative energy and repressed anger.

Pink is visible in the aura if someone is in love. It’s the color of the heart. Bright pink implies a perfect balance between material reality and spiritual awareness.

Brown is associated with fear of the unknown.

Grey indicates depression, blocked or stagnant energy, and can also represent the dark side of your personality.

Black aura stresses negativity and an unwillingness to forgive yourself or someone else.

White, silver, and gold auras are rare and are usually only seen surrounding highly- spiritual people who have a high spiritual vibration and have transcended physical reality.

Rainbow auras are noticed among spiritual teachers, lightworkers and healers. It’s associated with attunement to the spiritual 5th dimension frequency.



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