Many times, our negative past can affect and overwhelm us, and not dealing with that we create a negative balance.

The healing meditation will provide you with access to the energetic components from all previous bad experiences. Also, you will gain the power of forgiveness and the opportunity to get rid of your negative past.

Reiki Teachers advise us to practice only one experience at a time. Furthermore, you must read the meditation a couple of times before you begin with it. If, in any case, you are feeling discomfort, take it easy, pause, and then continue again.

Before starting, you should prepare the room for meditation. It should be a quiet, comfortable place, where you will be alone for at least 45 minutes.

Also, before the meditation, we advise you to take a hot shower, not a bath! Furthermore, you should wear some comfortable and loose clothes. If you ate something, wait three hours before the meditation.

Many people who tried this meditation, and practicing it through their life, say that the best time to do it is in the evening. After finishing the meditation, you should get a good rest. The best thing you can do is to avoid dinner or ask someone to prepare you a soup.

You must take some rest from two to four hours after you are done meditating because the body is exhausted. Get some sleep, and when you wake up, you will feel your energy cleared.

Moving Toward Gratitude

If you stick to the rules and the suggestions, you will release the energy that is not doing any good to you. Also, you can still get back to the experience, but you will have a different approach to it after the meditation. Once you resolve the issue, please let it go. See it for a life lesson that it is and be grateful. 


It is the process when you will learn that other people are not to be blamed for your problems, and judging people is only stopping you from healing. Judging and blaming during this meditation will only postpone your healing process and prevent you from releasing negative energies in the future.

13 Steps to Forgiveness

  • Pick an Issue: When you are sitting in the place you chose for your meditation, pick one issue. The best is to choose a simple one, while you are still learning the process. Usually, the first issue picks itself.
  • Relax: If you have been practicing meditation, you probably have the technique that suits you the best to relax. You can use that technique to begin this meditation.
  • Focus on Your Breath: Once you are relaxed, you should focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale, without trying to control your breath. For the best result, repeat this from eight to ten times.
  • Combine Breathwork with Affirmations: Also, we will make a series of affirmations together with the breathwork. It will help if you pay attention to the energy linked to the affirmations while you are breathing. On the in-breath, the affirmations are the same. The second part is different, and you will repeat it on the out-breath.
    Everything has its order, and we must respect it. We should repeat the affirmations by order 1, 2, 3, and then start again. It will take you about 15 minutes.

(In breath) I Am

(Out breath) Whole and Complete

(In breath) I Am

(Out breath) As God created Me

(In breath) I Am

(Out Breath) Completely Safe

  • Focus on Chosen Issue: You need to concentrate on the issue that you picked at the beginning. You are controlling this experience, and you must start to replay the experience in your mind. Keep your focus clear and objective, and try to remember the whole conversation.
  • No Strings Apology Mental Exercise: Focus on your part in the conversation. If you see a situation when you weren’t fair toward someone when you were rude, when you offended someone – ask for forgiveness. You should think of an apology and practice it in your mind. Imagine that the apology is nicely wrapped like a present. Imagine placing the gift in front of the person. Bow three times and say ‘I am sorry’ on each bow. Don’t focus and worry about what happens to the present or what the person will do with it. Your role is, to be honest, and make a no strings attached apology. 
  • Return the focus to the affirmation: Breathe again, take your time and say the affirmations for one or two minutes. It would help if you didn’t lose your momentum.
  • Listen: Now replay their part of the conversation. You need to be quiet and forget your first reaction. It would be best if you imagine yourself standing aside, taking notes. Listen carefully, repeat it, and keep your focus on the message that the other person in the conversation is trying to convey.
  1. Reconsider the opportunity of you transmitting the message.
  2. Once you finish, thank them.
  3. Ask them if they have something else to tell you.
  4. You will receive a lot of insights, so listen carefully. 
  • Review with Non-Judgment: In this step, you should imagine the whole conversation as one piece. Let it take all the energy it needs to seem appropriate. You must understand that, during this part, you are not attacked, but you are listening to what was expressed without any judgment.
  • Be at Peace: While you are looking at the energetic present, concentrate on your breathing, and say the affirmations. Let the package to enter your heart center. Continue breathing and affirmations. Soon, you will feel peace, look into the eyes of the person, and say:
    “I have fully received your wondrous gift. Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom with me. I am most grateful for your gift but is no longer something I need.”
  • Be open to Love and Light: Take a deep look in your heart center, repeat the affirmations, and let the power and energy you received to change into love and light. Once you are done with this, start repeating the sentence:
    “I have transmuted your gift into pure love, and I joyfully return it to you in the fullness of love and joy.”
  • Heart-to-Heart Connection: Imagine that the gift of love is coming from your heart and goes into theirs. Now say:
    “I’m honored to have shared this learning opportunity with you. May all beings be blessed by the love we have shared today.”
  • Be grateful: The last step is to thank them again and to get back to your heart center. Again, concentrate on your breathing and repeat the affirmations for three minutes.

Once you are done with the meditation, you should stand up and bow one time. This way, you will thank the Universe for the given opportunity.  

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