Healing, in general, is a way to restore health in your body, mind, and soul. In medical healing, a doctor operates and prescribes medication, while the spiritual healing is subtle and elusive. It is a way to help people get rid of their emotional baggage or beliefs that hold them back in their life and do not let them live a clear, well-balanced, and spiritual life.

No one lives forever. The more we grow, the more we face out mortality. As older we get, the more aware we are that eventually our life will stop, as that is what a cycle of life means. Many believe that their soul will live on. We believe that our physical body is nothing but a shelter for our soul in this life. Bodies don’t have souls; souls have bodies.

Why people go to Reiki healing?

Some people believe that they can be healed regardless of what they suffer from. People with cancer choose this kind of healing after being told that they have a certain number of months to live. That is usually the point in their life when they turn to holistic healing, like Reiki.
Holistic medicine is the healing of our time. Reiki grows and becomes the powerhouse in the healing sector all over the world. Everything sounds great, right? You have a problem in your life, and you go to a Reiki healer, and you are healed. Well, it’s not that simple. What people do not know is the fact that this kind of healing can be, and often is, life-long.

Conventional Medicine Vs. Holistic Medicine

Medications stop the pain or rather, say, block the pain. They do not always cure; in most cases, they release the pain, but the problem remains. Reiki healing heals the cause, not the problem. Let’s put it this way: if your room is messy and you put all the clothes and dust in your wardrobe, your room will look clean and tidy. But what you actually did, is that you have only hidden or blocked the mess. You haven’t cleaned it. Well, the medicine does just that. It prevents pain, maybe cures something while damaging others. It does not heal the cause. It heals only the problem.

The teachings of my Master Teacher and many other Reiki teachers say that the best results, in serous diseases, are when the medicine and the Reiki healing are combined. This is because the medicine does its part, and Reiki heals the root of the problem while reducing the side effects of the medications. Many hospitals in the US are implementing Reiki healing in their daily practice.

Healing Light

Reiki healing is accomplished through the divine light and love. It is a perfect modality through which you can heal others and yourself. Reiki is safe and cannot harm you or others. It cannot be used for evil or bad things. It just doesn’t work that way.
Sometimes, after a self-treatment, something unfortunate will happen to me, or I would become depressed. Some of my clients experience sickness after treatment, or they cry. This does not mean that Reiki harmed me or others. This means that Reiki released some emotion, the client needed a cleansing, or some karmic event happened sooner because sooner is better than later. Reiki is always safe.

Why do you need holistic healing?

Let’s say that you want to heal past traumas. Can you do that with medications? What about finding out your inner truth? Again, you can’t use medications. Can you forgive someone with the help of medicine? By being self-aware, by getting to know your somatic body, your emotions, and your feelings, you will reduce the intake of medications, and you will live a healthier life. You will maintain the mental hygiene.

“The integrative medicine movement is not a rejection of conventional methods. But patients are saying that the conventional model is not working, that it’s broken. And they are right.” Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard-educated physician.

Do not get me wrong, I’m not totally against traditional medicine, but I do think that it’s an easier solution. Becoming self-aware is hard, and not many people are ready for that journey. The question is, are you?


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