The Reiki novices are in a dilemma whether the power symbol is right drawn and whether the spiral is running clockwise or counterclockwise.

But, as the Master Teachers say, there is no wrong or right drawing of the Reiki power symbol. Let your intuition and your spirit guides guide you. Both directions are correct, but they depend on the usage of the symbol is Cho Ku Rei.

According to some Master Teachers, the Cho Ku Rei is used for increasing energy. When its direction is clockwise, it will increase the energy, but if you draw it counterclockwise, the energy will be reduced, and you will feel energy deflating. My advice, from my experience, of course, is to trust your intuition and draw it without any thinking.

You cannot regard it as a universal result, because there are a few people who experienced increased power of the counterclockwise direction.

The Importance of Symbols in Reiki Practice

A lot of symbols are used in Reiki practice. Reiki is an alternative healing treatment that comes from Japan 100 years ago.

There are five dominant symbols in Reiki, and Cho Ku Rei is the first and most important of all.

The practitioners who draw this symbol are advised to concentrate on the symbol during a treatment. The symbol won’t change the person, it doesn’t have that kind of power, but what this symbol can do is heal the place that needs healing and increase the good vibrations.

Using the Power Symbol

When you practice, you can experience a lot by drawing different symbols in different ways. The main thing you should do is concentrate on how it affects you.

When you draw it clockwise, how it influences you? Does it is increasing or decreasing energy?

Draw it once again, but counterclockwise, and you will notice different sensations.

Once you find out the influence of the directions, and which direction decreases or increases your energy, you will be able to use it appropriately.

You can increase your energy by drawing the symbol, and you can do it whenever you want to attract some elements and situations in your life. On the other hand, if you like to eliminate some aspects or situations from your life, you can use the ‘decrease power.’

Cho Ku Rei for Protection and Prosperity

Cho Ku Rei is also a protective symbol, so use it on objects like your phone, car, house, etc., to protect them from being stolen or broken.

This symbol can also be used to clean your home from negative energies. Draw it on the walls of each room, starting from the wall you are looking at and continuing clockwise. If some places of your room have groundwater, draw the Cho Ku Rei in that place.

While performing a Reiki treatment on others and the client needs quick grounding, draw the Cho Ku Rei on the palms or each chakra starting from the Crown chakra, moving downwards to the Root chakra.


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