The ego is our individualized identity created by all the roles, abilities, and personalities we build throughout life. The ego is made up of our personal stories, emotions, desires, fears, thoughts, and characteristics that shape our outer personality. Although this character is a social and psychological need that is formed in the earliest childhood, during adulthood, most of us become completely identified with this image of ourselves and forget that the inner Self lies in us.

At the heart of our being, we all are beautiful and unique creations of the Divine. Our inner Self remains untouched by variants and uncertainty of life. The problem is that we become convinced that we are only an outward person.

When we talk about “taming the ego,” it is with the intention of returning the physical body to the service of the inner Self. Only then will we be able to express our dharma or life mission clearly. Only when we reconnect with our completeness and wholeness, will our deepest carvings for love and peace be fulfilled.

How do we recognize the ego and the inner self?

To do this effectively, we must first recognize its “qualities.” Most often, we will find the ego in the role to:

  •  Compare, condemn, criticize oneself or others;
  •  Plan, react, manipulate, incite guilt;
  •  Overanalyze, worry and doubt;
  •  Encourage feelings of fear and loneliness
  •  “Chase” endless number of wishes.

Take back control

As part of our spiritual practice, the slightest introspection reveals a huge number of moments where the ego is entirely in control. Whenever we suffer, it’s because of the ego’s control over our consciousness.

However, if we are tired enough of the ego’s suffering, we can rise to higher consciousness and live our true essence. By enabling our inner Self to take control of our lives, we renew the innate peace, balance, and easiness, which are our birthright. To “get rid” of the ego, we need compassion, forgiveness, and strong will.

Start by asking yourself, “Who am I really?” Then ask yourself again. Ask yourself as many times as you need to overcome your external definitions, actions, and roles until you reach the fundamental essence of who you are.

Consciously witness the physical and mental events that make up your life and all the bodily reactions that you hold close to heart. Create a strong determination to point your ego to the path and destination that your inner being desired. Take a deep breath as you “peel” layers of fake characters and dive deep, connecting with the Divine Self.

Transcending the ego

Over time, as the ego serves the inner Self, you will feel greater ease in life. The purifying light of higher consciousness will transform the desires of the ego. Note the following changes that inevitably occur when the inner Self takes the helm:

  • Accepting life changes with ease;
  • Belief in core values ​​even in difficult situations;
  • Not being bound to win or to a specific outcome;
  • Estimation of actions and reactions based on whether they encourage peace and harmony;
  • Expressing selfless love;
  • Identifying and understanding the connection of the whole life.

Living your true nature

When you recognize yourself as Conscious and not as a self-created person of the ego, you will enjoy the unique feeling that you are an integral part of the whole Universe in manifested form. True yogi – free from identification with thoughts, feelings, and bodily desires – is no longer motivated by past or future desires and can rest in the bliss of his / her true divine nature.

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