Crystals require particular treatment due to their absorbent power. They are like sponges; they attract vibrations from the environment and from the people they come in contact with. Like antennae, they retransmit what they have accumulated.

Purifying and cleaning them after buying or using them on others is a good way to maintain their good health and prevent vibrational contaminations from those who touched them before. It is essential to clean our gemstones after we buy them or before we use them again. They must be clean from all the previous energies that they had absorbed during the meditations.

If you are using a gemstone as a healing tool, you must clean it before and after your session. The healers dedicate to enhance the crystal’s healing power by increasing its vibrational energies. These energies will help you to protect the stones and to absorb the negative energy that they take it out of you.

Cleaning Basics

There are many ways to clean gemstones, but the cleaning depends on the composition of the gemstone you want to clean.
Only one hour on sunlight is entirely enough to clean all of your stones.
However, some particular stones can fade if you leave them on sunlight.

One such example is the Amethyst stone. It will help if you hide them from direct exposure on the sunlight because that is how you will retain the vibrant purple hues. Similar stones to this one are aquamarine, citrine, fluorite, rose quartz, and smoky quartz.

There is a moonlight cleansing process that can take a couple of days. You should expose all the stones to the moon phases, starting from a full moon to a new moon.
You need to place them directly on the moonlight and take them out before the sunrise. Repeat this for 28 days in a row.

A lot of stones are cleaned in freshwater, but a lot of gemstones may dissolve in water. Stones that dissolve in water are Azurite, Angelite, phenakite, Selenite.
Others will dissolve and stretch in saltwater, and those are Amber, Turquoise, Hematite, Imperial Topaz, Red Coral, Opals, Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, and Calcites.

It would help if you were sure that the cloth you are using is soft and doesn’t spread fibers. You can use a toothbrush that contains soft-bristled fibers, for the best results.

Crystal Cleaning Methods

Smudging: You can smudge the crystals with herbs using lavender, sweetgrass, and sage.

Sunlight: The sunlight will make the crystals stronger.

Moonlight: Some crystals enhance their energy during the moonlight.

Saltwater: You can soak the crystals in salt water. If you visit a sea or an ocean when the water is salty, you need to put them in a mesh bag. Otherwise, you can lose them.

Brooks, lakes, rivers: You can clear the crystals in natural waters like lakes, rivers, creek, pond, or you can use even a waterfall.

Brown rice: You can purify your gemstones if you place them submerged in a bowl of brown rice, raw. The next step is to put them in sunlight.

Earth: You can put the crystals underwater for ritual cleansing. You shouldn’t practice this cleaning for crystals that contain iron, like hematite, pyrite, tiger iron.

Cold tap water: You can scrub the crystals with cold water.

Reiki: you can cleanse the gemstones with Reiki treatment and its symbols.

White light: You can use a beam of white light to purify them.

Purple plates: You can fill the stones with energy and positivity with the purple plates.

Selenite: You can use the stone Selenite as a cleaning tool because this gemstone contains purification properties.

Intentional breath: You must think clearly and blow on the stone.

Rainfall and thunderstorms: When you will see that outside is raining, put your stones there, for a natural wash. With this move, you will refill them with energy. They can be refilled even more if you place them outside during thunder.

Dewdrops: You can keep the drops from the grass or leaves to clean and purify your stones.


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