It is very powerful to know how some memories in childhood can affect us when we are grown-ups.
When painful memories come to the surface, we become so depressed. When something like this happens, you should try some inner child healing techniques.

Many phobias come from traumas that happened somewhere in the past when we were young. Even if we don’t remember when that happened, the trauma exists deep in our subconscious. Such unpleasant events bother our subconscious and cause many physical or psychological problems.

Inner child healing is much easier when we have a recall of some painful period in our childhood. We have the opportunity to get back in that childhood period and heal ourselves from the trauma.

Once you have the chance to get back to that little human being, offer your hug, your kiss, your acceptance, offer anything that you think is right for that moment.
Now you are older, wiser, better, stronger, so you are aware of what you missed when you were a child.

Childhood memories

Maybe you had an awesome childhood. Perhaps you were happy. But, as you grow older, you realized that you had lost your spontaneity of youth. When something like this happens, your childhood is here to help you. You can recall your memories of that period so that you will return to those happy moments. With this move, you can cheer up your spirit and rejuvenate it.

Your inner child is aware of what you need now. Never forget the child in you because it led you into adulthood.

Parents, Grandparents, and All Child Caregivers

Now, when you are an adult, and maybe you are guardian, you need to know that whatever you say, an insult and some wrong actions can influence the child.

Worldwide, there are a lot of cases of child abuse, and they are horrifying and terrible. You need to bear in mind that even the smallest insult can affect a child’s life, and it may take it with him
in adulthood.

Each of us was hurt with some words or actions by the adults that may be made unintentionally. But, we were hurt by some people we know who were close to us, like parents, grandparents, or teachers. Once you are mature, you are aware of the wounds made unintentionally, and that the caregiver, the guardian, did that because he wanted the best for you.

All in all, every kind of wound hurts, and there is an inner child healing therapy that can help us to eliminate bad feelings. Try Reiki sessions because they can help you to nurture and heal your inner child.
If you bring your parents into the session, it may not result in some peace, but many issues can be resolved only by working together.

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