In this article, I want you to make you aware of the importance of the seven chakras. I also want you to understand the harm of the chakra blockages and how to clear them using Reiki healing. Using the energy fields around the chakras is an option in Reiki’s work because it’s a way to focus the energy onto a chakra to heal the issues associated with it.

The Seven Chakras

A chakra is an energy point. There are seven such points in the human body and are aligned along the spine. This energy point is called a chakra. The chakras in our body are in order from the bottom upwards – the root chakra, the sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and the crown chakra.
The chakras emanate spinal light and energy when they are cleansed and out of blockages. When the energy cannot get through, the chakras are blocked. On the other hand, when they are unblocked, there’s a free flow of energy.

The Root Chakra

This chakra is located at the base of the spine. Its color is red. This chakra is related to meeting the basic need of life and survival like water, food, safety, and shelter. It’s related to elimination and transformation. Physical illnesses when blocked: hemorrhoids, obesity, arthritis, knee pain, AIDS, bone, and skin tumors.

The Sacral Chakra

Orange in color and located over the genitals, the second chakra is related to consummation and reincarnation through conception. When balanced, the person is creative, imaginative, desirable, and, if blocked, the person might be suffering from a kidney disorder, diabetes, circulatory disorders, or nephritis.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

It’s located over the stomach, and it’s yellow. It’s related to gut reactions and reflexes. This chakra rotates clockwise for men and counterclockwise for women. Its action is power, and its qualities are yearning for influence, egocentrism, and uncontrolled emotions. If blocked, the person might be experiencing selfishness, superiority, ulcers, hypoglycemia, or weak eyesight.

The Heart Chakra

As its name suggests, this chakra is placed over the heart and relates to one’s identity and their heart of the matter. It’s related to love for every living being and honesty. It’s green in color and rotates clockwise for women and counterclockwise for men. When blocked, one may experience asthma, heart diseases, refusal, masochism, and autism.

The Throat Chakra

It’s blue in color and located over the throat. It’s related to speaking one’s truth and finding one’s voice. It also related to communications, creativity, and knowledge. If blocked, a person might suffer from a sore throat, stiff neck, hearing problems, phobias, shyness, or tonsillitis.

The Third Eye Chakra

It’s found in the center of the forehead and is colored indigo. It relates to understanding, insights, determination, victory over self, and wholeness of spirit. If balanced, it supports wisdom, observation, acceptance, and self-control. When blocked, one might suffer from migraines, blindness, nightmares, or buzzing in the ears.

The Crown Chakra

It has a violet color, and it’s located at the top of the head. This is a chakra for spiritual enlightenment, freedom, peace, and joy. If blocked, the person may be suffering from depression, cerebral inflammation, learning disabilities, mental confusion, and psychoses.

What Are Chakra Blockages?

Chakra blockages can be emotional, spiritual, or physical. When a chakra is working smoothly, the person will not be necessarily aware that all is good; they will feel light and happy. It’s more likely someone to feel a blocked chakra because they would be tired, sluggish, or confused.

Physical blockages: if there is a physical blockage, the person Is experiencing physical pain like cramps if the solar plexus chakra needs cleaning.

Spiritual Blockages: if someone has a hard time to find their path to enlightenment, the person is having their third eye chakra blocked. The difference from the physical blockage is that when someone is having a spiritual blockage, the pain is not physical, but rather mental.

Emotional Blockades: Such blockage can happen if someone is heartbroken. In such a case, the heart chakra needs to be released from the ‘pain’ in the heart. This is different from physical pain – it hurts emotionally.

Using Chakras in Reiki

The principle of spiritual awakening through the chakras is a simple process. The higher the spiritual awareness, the more chakras you can use and be in tune with. It can take a lifetime for someone to be fully in tune with the chakras. Spiritual enlightenment can only start when you elevate your mind towards esoteric principles like chakra work, Reiki, or other methods to reach an enhanced consciousness.
The evolution of the spirit can be started through chakra clearing or by meditating on their meaning.

In Reiki, the chakras are opened and prepared to assist on the spiritual path once the new practitioner completes the attunement. The practitioner can access the divine light of Reiki energy so the chakras can be able to work at their full potential. Once someone feels the touch of Reiki, the chakras quickly open and clear low energies. The more practitioners use divine energy, the more they clear the energy that does not serve their higher purpose. The person experiences a higher vibration because of the chakras opening, and the lower level of energy is cleared.

Reiki works on a spiritual level, and it prepares the body and mind to prepare for the spirit. Once the whole body is prepared, the recipient can see more clearly, feel with ease, know with certainty, and hear what he or she needs to know.
So regardless if you are a practitioner or a client, Reiki can assist you on your spiritual journey and provide the changes you need to identify your soul’s purpose.



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