Reiki practitioners should tend to live following the principles learned in Reiki Level One course. The principle that all of us should follow is to give appreciation and be grateful for all the things we have in our life.

However, the lesson that I, as a Reiki practitioner, find the hardest to master, is to be grateful for all the things l do not have. The noble thing that Reiki teaches us is to have an attitude of gratitude for the things we have but to also be grateful for those we do not have. Maybe,  we are not supposed to have them at that moment, maybe we are not ready for them yet, or perhaps we have to learn a lesson before having them.

It’s very hard to be grateful for not having something you wish. However, I always try to find some explanation on a higher level of understanding. I will tell you what happened to my brother and what lesson I’ve learned from his experience.

An attitude of Gratitude During Bad Times

A few months ago, my brother planned to go on a trip with his friends with his new car. As his friends and he were planning this trip, he was continually catching flu. His symptoms would get worse when he was saying that the flu would pass by the date they were supposed to go. Additionally, the car couldn’t be shipped by the time they go.

After a few days, he decided to back off from that trip, and the flu passed. When he decided that he feels ok and can go on the trip, he instantly got sick again. I knew that it is a sign that he shouldn’t ignore.

His new car didn’t arrive, so he decided to go with my father’s. Despite all my warnings that he should cancel his trip for good because his body is exhausted from fighting the cold, he decided to go. They left early in the morning. I sent all my prayers and deposited Reiki symbols to his cosmic bank so they can protect him all the way. At noon, he called my father only to tell him that he made an accident; he fell asleep for a second, and the car hit the roadside barrier. Thank God, none of them were hurt, only the car was damaged.

By learning from mistakes, we grow

Now, what is the conclusion out of this? His colds and flues were a sign that he is not prepared to drive a long distance. By ignoring those signs, he then fell asleep, and after the accident, the car was damaged so he could not continue his trip. The only option was to return home. That was a sign he couldn’t ignore.

Seeing the bigger picture, if there was no hit, he might have caused a more significant accident with God knows how much harm to his life and the life of others. And thank God the car didn’t arrive on time. It is way more faster and furious than the car he went with.

I am grateful for that accident and the delay with the shipping because they prevented something worse and taught him a lesson. To know how to be thankful for bad things or things we do not have, we must see the bigger picture.

An Attitude of Gratitude During Good Times

I always tend to be grateful to the small things I experience every day because they create more magical things to be thankful for. I tend to practice this so it can become a natural thing, like breathing.

I cannot thank Reiki enough for helping, protecting, and guiding my close ones and me. With time, I feel very connected with this principle. I use it when times are good and bad. It gives me a feeling of comfort and assurance that no one takes what is mine, and no one can take what is yours. We all have exactly what we are supposed to have at this very moment. It doesn’t mean that tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, we won’t have more. Here and now – that is all that matters.

Now, l would like to share a small routine for making this principle a part of your life.

Just for today, I will be grateful

Every morning, thank the Universe and Reiki for the day allotted to you. Send Reiki and request spirit guides or angels for the optimum utilization of your day and successful events.

Thank everyone who is contributing to your life and helps you to grow. Thank Reiki and Angels for everything that you will experience during the day. Beautiful things will make you happier, while bad deeds will teach you a lesson. Remember, by learning life lessons, we grow!

I warmly recommend all of you dear readers to follow this routine and make some room for great things to happen. Feel free to share your experience.

Thank you, Universe. Thank you, Reiki. Thank you, Angels. Thank you, God.

Photo Credits: Stefani Dimova
Model: Riste Dimov

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