Do you know how to manage your anger? Do you allow it to distract you? If there’s Q&A in spirituality, these questions would be at the top.

Anger and frustration are normal and unavoidable response these days. Life has changed significantly, and many of us experience negative emotions during these challenging times. Life continues to change every day, and we must keep up with the change. The life has “shaken us to awaken us,” the ground is shifting beneath our feet, and we are uncertain if or when stability will come again.

“Just for today…I will not be angry”

As a Reiki practitioner and healer, I still hold on to the belief that anger is not only an inappropriate response but also a blockage that restricts people from approaching a problem with hope and optimism. The first Reiki principle, “Just for today I will not anger…” cautions us about anger since anger can misguide Light Workers and restrict their full potential.

Some understand this principle as “we must be free from anger at all times.” But that is not possible. We are humans, spiritual beings but with human experience. After all, we live this incarnation on the planet Earth. As human beings, we experience emotions, weaknesses, anger, sadness, and everything that comes with being human.

Manage anger to assist you

So, instead of telling ourselves that we are above anger or criticizing ourselves for feeling it, we should remember that we are humans, and every one of us is here for a reason. Emotions are a particularly important part of us, and they help us to build the human experience. They are here to navigate our earthly journey. But here is the catch – to assist and guide us in life, they must be managed in a healthy manner.

The biggest mistake is that even from an early age, we are taught to suppress our feelings, ignore, or deny them. Later in life, we push them away, pretend they do not exist. We are taught to separate the negative emotions from us. Not only is this very unhealthy, but it is ultimately wrong. To be healthy, mentally and emotionally, we must acknowledge all emotions, even those that make us feel ashamed, angry, uncomfortable, or frustrated. We must be aware of what and why we feel the way we do.

At the beginning of the Reiki journey, anger is generally the first emotion the practitioners try to master. Some of them are denying the emotion, thinking that being spiritually awakened means that they should be above and beyond anger. The Light Workers immune to anger; they should know how to avoid it, at least now. But those who are thinking that way are just fooling themselves.

We are human, and Light Worker or not, it’s normal and healthy to feel anger. The mastery is what you are going to do with it.

What to do with anger?

The first Reiki principle deals with anger. This wording leads us to believe that we must suppress and reject our anger. However, in my deeper understanding, this wording means to manage the anger appropriately and to notice when and under which circumstances it arises. The latter is very important because knowing what the trigger is, we can work on that and by solving some unresolved issues we once had, we will become more immune to what causes the anger.

It might help to remember that fear often manifests anger. Understanding why we are angry can allow the healing to begin because we empower ourselves with the truth. Feeling and experiencing anger is an unavoidable aspect of being human. Rejecting and denying prevents true healing

Manage anger to create not to reject

We all had moments or days in which we are angry at fellow humans, those who think differently than we do, and we seek to place blame on others. What does that say about us? That we are maybe frightened, frustrated, or in fact, human.
Those who practice Reiki or other spiritual or energy-based practice are blessed. They should hold close to what they worship and always have the asset in their heart and soul. We have to find a lesson in every challenging situation, whether it’s a pandemic or a disagreement with someone.

This, too, shall pass – repeat this sentence and find the lesson in everything that crosses your path.
Anger, like every emotion, is neutral – it is energy in motion. Use it as a tool and manage it. We have a free will and we always, literally always have a choice. It’s on you to use it for creation or destruction.

Let your anger guide you

Let yourself be guided and understand that anger can create more good than bad. Allow your anger to be a powerful motivator in the days of darkness—Channel the anger’s energy into a positive change. Find a positive intention in everything, including anger. You will witness how helpless anger begins to shift into something powerful. Acknowledge it and welcome it. Make it your friend and utilize its power.

As I already said above, we are given free will and we always have a choice – we can let the anger overcome our life, or we can transform its power to do our own and collective good. The choice is ours.
So, the first principle is not a warning against anger, but rather a loud and clear call to inspire change in accordance with the Higher Good.

Just for today, let anger be the possibility for a change.

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