The process of the redirecting energy and opening of the chakras is called attunement. Before diving into the complexity of the reiki attunement, let’s discuss Reiki in general. 

Reiki represents an alternative medical form, discovered by the Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It was revealed in 1922. Ancient people believed that this holistic discipline could heal people with the teacher’s ability, also known as Reiki sensei. It functions with redirection of the subtle internal energy, called Qi.

During the Reiki attunement, your teacher will open the crown chakra, heart chakra, and palm chakra of the patient. The teacher will transmit the energy from one place to another using his hands. 

There are three levels of  Reiki attunement

First level Reiki Class

Second level Reiki Class

Third level Reiki Class

The process will unblock the clogged paths of energy, allowing Reiki energies to go through the patient’s body quickly so that it will improve its physical and mental health.

It’s not the same for all people

Some people, after the attunement, might feel discomfort while others may feel relief. Some may notice small changes while some can feel significant changes that are temporarily unsettling. This lasts until a new balance takes place.

Depending on the individual, some people can feel the difference immediately, but for some people, it may take some time.

According to the experts, people need to go through a phase of purification before their Reiki attunement. The process of purification will make the person calmer and will eliminate the possible discomfort.

Below, we give you several preparations that you should do before you go to a session. Once you do the preparation, and once you take your session, your body and mind will be thankful to you.

List of preparations

  • Take special care when choosing your instructor
  • Book your session one week earlier
  • Stop consuming meat, fowl, or fish three days before the meeting is scheduled.
  • Do water or juice fast three days before the attunement.
  • Don’t consume alcohol three days before the session.
  • If you consume medications, continue to take them, even on the day of attunement.
  • Reduce the cigarette intake as much as possible until the day of the session.
  • Avoid TV, radio, computers, newspapers.
  • Start to meditate, or spend some time with nature. It means that you have to practice walks, sitting beside streams, etc.
  • Be careful to yourself. Eliminate the tasks that will disturb you.
  • Consume plenty of water.
  • You must clean your aura before the session.
  • Sleep sound, especially during the night before your session.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast.

Advice for effective Reiki Attunement

  • During this period, you need to include daily prayers and connections with inner guidance.
  • Get ready for 21 days of cleansing.
  • If you are traveling to another city for your appointment, always have an alternative to overnight at a motel.

A Controversial Practice

Like many other alternative medicines, Reiki is in the loose category of New Age practice. There are many myths and misconceptions about it. That is a little controversial because, in many western hospitals, this is offered as an alternative treatment.

Have in mind that in the past the western science labeled the disciplines like yoga and Tai Chi as pseudoscience. Nowadays, yoga is regarded as a medicine and a spiritual discipline, and they are beneficial for healing many physical and emotional conditions.



Disclaimer: The information contained and provided on is intended for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for diagnosis, medical or legal advice. Before using alternative medicine, a holistic approach, or making a change to your regimen, be advised to seek prompt medical care and consult your doctor. Results may vary from person to person. All testimonials are unique and personalized and can be verified upon request. Although you can experience positive effects from a Reiki treatment, no results are guaranteed.