It is a pleasure, relief, and a wonderful gift to have Reiki during this hard time, the time when viruses are invading our planet. I have been practicing and working with Reiki for several years, and no matter the disease, I always look at Reiki as a savior and protector.

The standard hand placements learned in Reiki I are a guide that helps us move the use of Reiki even further.  The use of Reiki evolves as well as the way we use Reiki. Maybe we can’t place our hands over the virus, but we can do many other things to prevent the spreading.

The guidelines in this article can be used for every virus and disease. If you aren’t a Reiki practitioner, you may search for one and suggest this practice. Reiki practitioners usually have their own practice for this matter, but those who are open to other experiences might add this one to their sessions.

Reiki self-treatments to strengthen the immune system

The first thing I recommend you to do is to do a self-treatment. If you are not a Reiki practitioner, ask for a Reiki treatment. Receiving Reiki energy can help you to prevent the virus from entering your body. Reiki can also help those who already got the virus. They may be able to deal with it easier.

In treating and preventing viruses, we have to strengthen the immune system, the one that fights with the intruders. The energy treatments help in boosting the immune system.

Reiki self-treatments to boost the immune system

In this practice, we will send Reiki to the thymus, the bone marrow, the lymphatic system, and the spleen.

Reiki to the bone marrow

Start the session by sending Reiki directly to the bone marrow.  The bone marrow is found in the center of the larger bones. This will encourage the productions of white blood cells that you need to stay healthy. If you are Reiki II practitioner, direct as many Hon Sha Ze Sho Nens as you can to the bone marrow.

Reiki to the thymus

The thymus filters and monitors the blood, and produces the blood cells called T-cells. Sending Reiki to the thymus will help to improve the cleansing of the blood and create the T-cells needed to fight the infection.

Reiki to the lymphatic system

Next, visualize how the energy is flushing out the lymphatic system of the harmful and stuck energies. After cleansing, send Reiki to the system to strengthen the body to fight off the invaders.

Reiki to the spleen

Continue to send Reiki to the spleen. It is a blood-filtering organ that rids the body of damaged red blood cells and removes microbes. It supports the immune system by making a disease-fighting component like lymphocytes and antibodies. Sending Reiki to the spleen may help the cleansing process and improve the production of the antibodies needed to fight the disease.

You can use Reiki to clear the infection or the virus from the cells of the lungs and prevent pneumonia. After doing so, set the intention to boost each lung so that the body can either prevent or heal pneumonia.

Address other complications individually. The more specifically you send Reiki, the better results you will get.

In Reiki I, you learn how to do self-treatment. If you have skipped that part, please start now. It is an excellent time to support your body, and it’s an even better time to adopt Reiki as a daily routine.

Time off to look inside rather than outside

In hard times, fear is our worst enemy. Concentrate on sending and receiving Reiki, focus your mind on love and power. Practicing Reiki or other energy techniques will shift you out of fear into grace and peace. Stay home, heal, raise your vibration, and clear your thoughts. The planet is offering you time off, use it wisely.


Disclaimer: The information contained and provided on is intended for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for diagnosis, medical or legal advice. Before using alternative medicine, a holistic approach, or making a change to your regimen, be advised to seek prompt medical care and consult your doctor. Results may vary from person to person. All testimonials are unique and personalized and can be verified upon request. Although you can experience positive effects from a Reiki treatment, no results are guaranteed.