Experts claim that reiki therapy can bring benefits to pregnant women and their unborn children. The best thing about Reiki is that it’s entirely safe for both the practitioner and the recipient. Another good thing is that Reiki won’t interfere with any other treatments.
Pregnant women can get relaxation and improve their comfort during this period.

Once a pregnant woman starts to take the reiki session, she will heal emotionally, and she will reduce the anxieties that are very common during this part of a woman’s life.
There are many cases when women, during pregnancy, have their babies attuned to Reiki.  Its energies are hidden deeply in us, and they are only awakened if we are attuned.
Below, we present you three stories about how Reiki influences newborns and pregnant women.

1. Special Bonding Time with Baby By Laura West

Laura West gave birth to a son in August 2012. She is a Reiki master teacher, and she treated herself every day in her pregnancy. Laura claims that during her treatment, she made the first bond with her son. During the procedure, her hands were on her belly, and she could feel the baby moving towards her palms. Laura was very calm and relaxed. Anxiety wasn’t present in her life, thanks to the treatment.

As a result of this, she had her first birth without any complications. In addition, her husband, during her pregnancy, became Reiki attuned so he can treat her while she was in labor and delivery. Reiki therapy became an everyday routine in their life.

The doctors said that her son was born three weeks earlier with four pounds of weight.
They allowed him to stay in her room, and according to her, she never took her arms off her baby. The baby’s growth was fast, and doctors admired that. They were amazed.

Before leaving the hospital and going home, the mother and the son had to visit the doctor’s office.
The son had problems with learning how to nurse. Because of this trouble, the experts thought that he would gain weight very slowly. Another surprise was that the boy gained weight very fast, and he was thriving. It took only three months for the baby to reach his peers in all aspects.
After a year, the boy was a healthy kid, so the mother continued with her reiki treatment every day. Laura and her son are delighted with the Reiki balancing treatment.

2. Reiki Brought Closeness to the Moms and their babies by Jan Jury

Another story is about a woman who gave Reiki treatment to her daughter and her niece’s pregnancies. She repeated the process once every two weeks. During massages, the babies were moving around in the belly, but when Reiki treatment was performed, they became still. Jan firmly believes that the treatment brought closeness and created a bond between the mothers and their babies.

The daughter asked her mother to be with her in the delivery room. When she was there, she made the Reiki therapy on the daughter because it will calm her and relaxed her. However, because the mother couldn’t cope with her daughter going through with the birth, she left the room and did the treatment from a distance.

Once the boy was born, the grandmother was very close to him. She still does his reiki treatment, and her son is seven months now.

3. Reiki Motherhood by Heidi Louise

When Heidi was months pregnant, she was both a Reiki healer and a Reiki Master Teacher.
The first person that she made the treatment on was her partner John.
She became a Reiki Master in August 2005 and spent three months in Sri Lanka, where she worked with the SOS Children’s Mothers. She realized that it was an excellent enjoyment for her baby and herself.

Heidi reminds us that even the fetuses are spiritual beings and that they do feel what we are doing. Heidi also said that many spiritual leaders of the future, like crystal, indigo, flower, and rainbow children, are born to understand mothers and help them nurture and protect these qualities. Because of this, the father of the unborn baby started practicing Reiki as well.

The mother-to-be was very excited that she and her baby would experience the father’s first reiki attunement.
The daughter was born in September. They gave her the name Shanti Rose Luise, which means Peace in Sanskrit. It is a link to Sri Lanka, the Buddhist philosophy.

The new mother is very excited about the Reiki therapy, and she advises all mothers-to-be to practice it. After the birth, she stopped using the Reiki treatment, because she needed to ground herself and her body. She had a lack of sleep because of the baby. But, after a year, when she was feeling capable of making a treatment, and she started again.

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