Reiki is a healing practice that influences our mind, body, and soul. The word contains two Japanese words in it, ‘Rei’ that means abundant, universal, or boundless, and the second word is ‘Ki,’ which means life force, vital energy.

According to these meanings, we can conclude that Reiki means universal life force. As many spiritualists believe, the whole universe is moving with the Reiki’s help. Every living being in the world has that energy, and we can use it.

How Does This Healing Method Work?

Well, the principle of Reiki’s power is that every person can be healthy and can heal everything. For example, when we are hurt physically or emotionally, and someone who we love, our mother, father, husband, boyfriend, brother, sister, grandmother, etc., touches us, we immediately feel better.

But that is not Reiki. If you want to practice Reiki, you must first enroll for a course and learn from a Reiki Master. The Master will provide you with an energy that will eliminate every blockage in your body, and they will conjoin the universal life forces.

Everyone who understands a little bit more about the energies will know that they cannot be destroyed nor created, but they can only be exchanged. Well, the process of healing is tap into the universal energy that is transmitted from the universe through the minds and thoughts into the human body.

For example, if we heal a person, our etheric patches start dissolving, and the physical illness resolves along with its cause. Reiki treatment can be done by direct contact or from a distance.

“Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you- all of the expectations, all of the beliefs- and becoming who you are.”— Rachel Naomi Remen.

Why Should You Practice Reiki?

It is explained, by a Reiki practitioner, that the first experience he has gained was when he asked a friend to teach him the art because he was searching for a cure for strained eyes. The friend told them to lie down and said a prayer. Next, he rubbed the palms and placed them on his eyes.

The Reiki Master’s hands were hot, and the tears stopped, and he felt relief. Healing part lasted for 10minues, and the pressure was already gone. One this session was done, the patient wanted to become a Reiki master on his own. When the student passes the first level of the Reiki session, he has to perform a 21-day self-healing, and it is mandatory.

It is crucial because the learner needs to fill himself with energy, and later to spread that energy and to heal other patents. The person that we speak for, the one with the tears, said that once he made the Reiki treatment, a light from inside of him sparkled with positive energy.

As the professionals say, Reiki can represent a substitution of meditation. It means the more you practice it, the more fulfilled you will be. Your batteries will be fully charged, and you can transmit it to other people.

Reiki Healing Powers

It is the method with enormous healing powers. It can be used for various types of conditions, like acute pain, faster wound healing, and it is useful in psychological and emotional states like anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, and many others. But, you cannot use Reiki as a substitution for medicine.

Nowadays, people are using Reiki together with their medicaments and medical treatment, it is highly beneficial, but as we already said, you cannot use it as a replacement.


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