Today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of the water, reiki, and meditation in the sacral chakra healing process. As we already dived into each of the seven chakras, now it’s time to heal them one by one.

Children love to play in the water while teenagers love to play in the rain. Adults like to be close to the water, whether it is a sea, lake, river, or ocean. Every one of us takes a warm shower after a tough day.

Water is often related to a cleaning agent. Whether we use to clean ourselves, our clothes, cars, or food, we generally use water to wash away the dirt. Water cleanses us off, and we have never thought of why it is so.

The element of water deals with all our emotions. Whenever we are upset about something, we want to ‘cry it all out.’ Water soothes the extreme emotion, and as a Reiki practitioner, I advise people to drink plenty of water. Believe it or not, water is vital in the Sacral Chakra healing process.

The sacral chakra is located at about 2cm below the belly button and is the second chakra, also known as Swadhishtana. It is connected and made up of water. It deals with our emotions and the way we feel about ourselves.

Feeling vs. Thinking

People do not understand the difference between feeling and thinking. Many, if not most of those who do, hold a programmed belief that is not ok to do what you feel and it’s ok to do what you think. They subconsciously relate actions from feelings as wrong and actions from thoughts right. It’s like a common belief that doings as per you feel is a sign of a weak person. This is the biggest misconception nowadays, and with this article, you will hopefully stand out from that general belief and see the harm that can be done if you’re not listening to your feelings.

Suppressing or not feeling our emotions is a sign of imbalanced, underactive, and blocked sacral chakra. Opposite of that, an overemotional person who is somewhat clingy and overindulges in substance or alcohol abuse may have an overactive sacral chakra.

Both cases are not ok and are a result of unbalanced emotions. Physically, a blocked or overactive sacral can lead to consciousness about the body in a very negative way, for instance, extremes of self-obsession and restlessness if overactive, or self-criticism and fatigue if blocked.

Sei He Ki as a Sacral chakra healing tool

Sei He Ki is also called the emotional symbol because its subtle yet powerful energy is very useful in emotional and physical healing. Not only that it is associated with the emotional and mental healing, but it is also connected to the harmony and its ability to bring peace of mind and balance.

To activate this symbol, activate Reiki and draw it or visualize it and chant its name trice. My personal advice is to always start with the heart chakra and then to continue to the chakra needed, in this case, the sacral chakra. Never use a Reiki symbol on another chakra before using it on the heart first.

The activation of this beautiful protector of ours often results in cooling or washing feeling. Clients, too, feel cold or washed out after using this symbol. Clients cleanse in various ways, some cry, some freeze while others cramp. Assure them that it is all right to express whatever they are experiencing and allow them to emote.

Another usage of Sei He Ki is for addiction recovery, psychic and physical protection, and even to find lost items.

Sacral Chakra healing using water and Reiki symbols

1)    Reiki Bath or Shower

Choose if you want to use a tub or a shower. You can burn some orange candles to soothe you down. Add bath salts if you wish. Invoke the presence of the archangels, ascended masters and Archangel Michael. If you are standing in a shower, activate the power symbol Cho Ku Rei, the emotional symbol Sei He Ki and the distance symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen on both palms. If you are using a bathtub, then draw these symbols on the surface of the water. Relax and feel the power all over yourself and the chakras.

2)    Drink Reiki Water

If you are a Reiki 1 practitioner, you can read how to make Reiki water here. For Reiki 2 practitioners, charge and energize the drinking water with Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki. Drink the healing water and feel the taste, smell, and gratitude with every sip you take.

3)    Meditation near water

Sit close to the water body, spend some time there and meditate. Meditate for 10-15 minutes by the ocean, river, or lake.

4)    Swimming as a healing tool

Swimming is a great workout because you move all the muscles in your body against the resistance of the water. Plus, it’s gentle and the most effective form of workout. It is recommended as an exercise for pregnant women, older people, and people who have joint and back problems. Water is a fantastic conductor of electricity and energy, It holds emotions and Dr. Masaru Emoto scientifically proves this. Why not use the water to create a pleasant healing environment for you and your clients. Put positive intentions, motivation, and success into the water or room. The water is the limit!

Don’t ignore your feelings

Let’s skip the conventional thinking for a bit and honor our feelings. Forget the teaching that it’s the right thing to ignore the feelings. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and connect your soul with the body. Take up what gives you pleasure and do what frees you. Listen to yourself because you and only you know what’s best for you.



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