The third eye chakra is situated between the eyes. It deals with psychic power and intelligence. This chakra has been known as Anja by Hindu practitioners for many years and it is the seat of psychic vision.

It is often symbolized by the symbol of the OM syllable with a petal on both sides. It associates with colors like indigo, violet, and deep blue.

Hormones are associated with many aspects of our body and are responsible for its proper function. They associate with physical, mental, and emotional aspects and many holistic practitioners relate the chakras with the endocrine system responsible for the release of hormones. These hormones regulate many functions like metabolism, mood, tissue function, growth, and maturation.

Functions of the Third Eye Chakra

1. Physical Health

Physically, this chakra governs the nose, eyes, ears, pineal gland, and the skeletal system. It is related to the senses of hearing and sight and the ability for someone to perceive and form their own opinion about how they live and what they see.

This chakra plays a significant role in helping you see things clearly, morally, and intuitively.

2. Formation of dreams

The hormone melatonin plays a big role in regulating the sleep cycle, the growth, slowing down the process of aging, and maintaining a stable mind. The pineal gland is responsible for the secretion of this hormone, and since it is light-sensitive, the scientists state that the eyes stimulate the pineal gland into releasing melatonin. Additionally, the scientists have also determined that the earth’s electromagnetic field is responsible for stimulating the gland. The fluoride in toothpaste is harmful to the pineal gland so, use fluoride-free toothpaste.

3. Vision

As it governs your eyes, the psychic and intuitive abilities are related to this chakra, as well as the physical vision.

4. Mental and spiritual health

This chakra governs alertness and the ability to predict things and see things clearly. It helps you in visualizing outcomes you desire and being more optimistic. The third eye chakra is responsible for being able to form receptions about reality and creating your own truths. When this chakra is in balance, your memory and ability to reason become sharp, and you are able to visualize easily. You will also rely on your intuitions and trust yourself more. You will easily recognize someone who needs help and instantly offer your support.

However, an imbalance in this chakra can cause trouble in creating and understanding your own reality. You may entirely rely on luck or fate and blame them if something goes wrong in your life.

You will continuously feel anxious, experience migraines, headaches, and insomnia. You will want to control others and be dominant and worry about your and others’ social behaviors. All of these are signs that your third eye chakra is out of balance or blocked.

Clearing Your Third Eye Chakra

Practicing tolerance and love are the first steps in unblocking the third eye chakra. Practice self-love and appreciate yourself and all the things you do. Try focusing on how good life is and how much it has to offer. Think of life as a tool that can help you get rid of many physical psychological and mental problems.

Meditating near the ocean, a big river, sea, or lake can help you develop your third eye chakra and enhance your intuition. Indigo is associated with this chakra, so look at the sky at night, visualize large pools of water and swim as many times as you can. The water has a purifying and cleansing capabilities.

Help yourself expand your level of understanding and your own perception. Understand your true nature and allow others to understand it too.

Reiki to unblock the third eye chakra

As always, Reiki practitioners use their own techniques that they find the best in treating this chakra, but maybe this example will be a starting point for you.

Relax comfortably and activate Reiki with the intention to balance and clear the chakra.

Place or hover your hands in the center of your forehead. Some recommend clockwise circulation for females anticlockwise for males, but the most important thing is to move in a circular motion. Let your intuition guide you and use what works best for you.

In addition to the Reiki treatment, you can use the Ksham healing mantra. The vibration by this sound will open energies in your chakra.

You can also use aromas of mint and jasmine because aromatherapy can also be useful to clear the chakra. Blue Sapphire, Azurite, or Amethyst can be used in gemstone healing as well.

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