Today we are going to talk about the fifth chakra – the sky-blue throat chakra

The throat chakra also is known as Vishuddha, and in the Hindu tradition, it means purification. It is the fifth primary chakra out of all seven chakras in our body.

It is located in the neck region near the spine. The throat chakra is responsible for the ‘depression in the throat’ – the diseases and issues that may arise when this chakra is blocked.  It is also related to the ears and mouth because of its association with speaking and hearing.

Functions of the Throat Chakra

A balanced throat chakra doesn’t only bring physical benefits but also mental and psychological. The following are the benefits and functions of the throat chakra.

1. Physical health

Physically, this chakra controls the release of hormones from the thyroid gland and the endocrine system. The thyroid glands release hormones that are important for growth and development. Also, it is responsible for the regulation of the metabolic system and helps in the proper functioning of the trachea, teeth, mouth, nose, larynx, throat, and carotid arteries.

Many diseases and physical defects may occur when the throat chakra is blocked. You may be experiencing laryngitis, hypothyroidism, lack of motivation, chronic throat defects, fatigue, cold sores, autoimmune thyroiditis, headaches, jaw pains, gum defects, hoarse voice, and obstruction in speech. Also, you may not be able to hear or deliver speech accurately, be prone to lying to yourself or others, and gossiping.

2. Effective communication

When this chakra is balanced, we smell and taste accurate, we can self-express, we are creative, and we write and listen to words and music. After hearing, we constructively respond with emotions and expressions.

When the chakra is blocked, we find it hard to communicate. In some cases, people overindulge in drinking and eating to keep their throat busy and avoid communication. Self-esteem is also distressed, and dominant feelings are those of hate, bitterness, anger, and aggression.

3. Dreaming

The throat chakra gains access to your dream state. It is associated with the subconscious state of mind and allows you to see dreams clearly if balanced.

4. Psychic hearing abilities – clairaudience

When the chakra is balanced, it improves your psychic abilities related to hearing, and its energy is enhanced.

5. Spiritual lessons

A blockage in the throat chakra can make you feel humiliated instead of feeling loved and nourished. It makes the world around you hostile, and you will expect violence and aggression from others.

However, when the throat chakra is balanced, it allows you to take full responsibility for your actions, to be strong, self-confident, and courageous.

Unblocking Your Throat Chakra

Your throat feels stuck when you don’t talk about the feelings of the issues you are dealing with. On the other hand, this can also happen when you’re having some good feelings and keeping them inside. The throat feels stuck until the issue is cleared completely. It doesn’t matter if it is something negative or creative, you must remember to get it out of your body so that your throat chakra can get released and purified. Speak, sing, talk about your feelings. Don’t hold your tongue.

1. Bring it up and let it go

Letting go and acknowledging that there is an issue is an effective way to clear your throat chakra. Do not resist, let the issue be, feel the issue and then, just let it go.

2. Cry

Feeling a ‘lump’ in your throat that causes you some pain means that your throat chakra is blocked and begs you cry and clear it. Crying is a form of purification and can unblock your chakra. Next time when you want to cry, please cry it all out because not only will you feel much better, you will also prevent the chakra blockages.

3. Sing a song or chant HAM

Singing is very effective at cleaning and balancing your throat chakra. Whenever you feel your chakra blocked, sing, sing, sing!

The sound of this chakra is ‘HAM.’ The mantra assists in clearing the throat chakra in a way that it creates a vibration to focus the energy flow in the communication center.

4. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water will hydrate your whole body, and it’s especially good for your throat chakra. The water has many clearing effects. You can also make Reiki water. We’ll be explaining this in great detail later on.

5. Get creative

When you create something, you communicate. Your work reflects your thoughts and intentions. Painting and drawing are excellent examples of being creative. For a start, paint your own mandala. In Sanskrit, mandala means circle. Mandala is a spiritual symbol that represents life and the universe. The circular designs symbolize that everything is connected and the idea that life is never-ending. The mandala also represents a spiritual journey within the individual viewer.

6. Get a massage

Your throat chakra will surely open up if you get a good neck and shoulder massage.

Reiki and the Throat Chakra

Reiki practitioners have their own way of working with the throat chakra and here’s something that some Reiki Masters recommend:

Enable the flow of Reiki by relaxing and sitting or lying comfortably

Place or hover your hands on the collarbone and throat.

Some practitioners say that for females, the energy is cleared by rotating right and rotating left for the males. I always recommend letting your intuition guide and doing what feels right for you.

Visualize blue water, blue sky, and blue energy flowing from your hands and entering your throat.

Reiki Water

Reiki practitioners can make Reiki water: Activate Reiki, place your hands on the glass or bottle of water with the intention to energize the water for the greater good. Hold the glass of water for at least 10 min and thank Reiki. Use this water to water plants, drink or make tea, coffee, or cook. Before finishing the water, just refill it. You don’t have to do Reiki on the water again if the new water is already mixed with the Reiki water.

Using gemstones is always a good idea if you are into gemstones. You can use Aquamarine, Chalcedony, or Turquoise. In aromatherapy, sage and eucalyptus are very effective in clearing the blockages.

Once the chakra is balanced, you will communicate better and be able to express your emotions with words at ease.



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