There are many articles to read and even more rituals to do during New Moon and Full Moon. For some, it can become very confusing what to do, what not to. This time, we are giving you the basics of Full Moon rituals. These rituals are very beneficial if you have no particular intention or if you are unsure of what to do.

Release of Negativity – As we all know, full Moon is the best time to release what serves you no more. It is the right time to release all the blockages, negativities, and stagnant energies that pull you down and get in the way in your progress. Release everything toxic from your body, mind, soul, and aura. Let go of negativity.

Cleanse and Charge Crystals – the Moon has the most powerful and purest energy. Charge your gemstones under the moonlight. The process is straightforward – place them outside overnight and let them soak into full Moon’s divine energy.

Moon Water – Use the energy and the many blessings of the Full Moon to make moon water. Place a glass bottle of water outside in the balcony or windowsill and let it stay overnight. Make moon water on every full Moon, use it throughout the month, till the next full Moon. The moon water can be used to cleanse crystals or area like your home or office. Sprinkle in your workplace or home to remove negativity and impurities. This water can be used for drinking, watering plants, and in the food while cooking. Women can use it as a tonic to beautify the skin. This water’s energy can be very enhanced if you use Reiki on it. The intention can be set for any purpose.

Cards and Decks – if you feel disconnected, your cards fell on the floor, you are done reading for a negative client, or anybody touches your deck, then your cards and decks need to be cleaned. Place your angel or tarot card decks out to be charged with the mystic moon energy. Spread them and leave them in the moonlight. Other methods to clean them are sage cleanse, pendulum, crystals, and Reiki.

Jewelry charge – Just like charging crystals, place your jewelry out to savor the energy of full Moon.

Meditate – If possible, spend at least a few minutes outside at night to meditate. Full Moon is the best time to meditate and increase energy. Increase your intuition and charge yourself. Take full advantage of the Moon.

Archangels – Invoke the energies of the 8 Archangels. Pray to Archangel Haniel, Archangel Gabriel, and Goddess Diana.

Full Moon Healing with Archangel Haniel

  • Choose an indoor place that suits the most. If not possible, you can do it indoors, but please choose a place that offers a view of the full Moon. Relax by taking a few breaths.
  • Call on Archangel Haniel with the words “Beloved Archangel Haniel, Please come to me, be with me now and help me heal.”
  • Visualize Archangel Haniel standing behind the Moon.
  • Place the intention that Haniel and Moon’s energies will wash off the negativity, heal and balance your body, mind, and soul.
  • Sit for a few minutes with hands turned upwards. Feel the energy flow and enjoy it.
  • Thank Haniel and the Moon. Drink plenty of water afterward.

Moon Phases Gift – If you know someone who is a moon lover, then you can make some ornament and give them as a gift. It is very important to remember that to respect the Moon, the gifts connected to it should always be given on a Full Moon. Check this Moon-Phases clay ornament.

These are the simplest things you can do on the full Moon. It may look like a big list, but it’s not difficult nor time-consuming. Try some, if not all. You won’t regret it. Enjoy feeling balanced and harmonious! Enjoy the Moon!


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