What is Reiki Healing — Treat the Cause, Not the Symptom

What is Reiki Healing — Treat the Cause, Not the Symptom

‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’

Rei and Ki are two Japanese words of which the word Reiki is composed. The exact translation is complicated, and there isn’t a straightforward explanation. The reason for the delicate and almost impossible translation is because the Japanese language has many levels of meaning.

Therefore, we must bear in mind the context in which we use the word. Because we use the Rei word in a spiritual context, the dictionaries won’t give us the needed depth of the name. But as we searched, we concluded that we could translate Rei as a Higher Intelligence that leads to the creation and functioning of the universe.

Subtle wisdom that permeates animate and inanimate

Rei is present and leads the evolution of all creation to the development of life. When we are speaking about humans, we can use Reiki as a guide when we need it in our lives. It is known as God, and many other names, according to the culture that has put his name.
Ki represents the non-physical energy that animates various living things.

We can find it in plants, animals, humans. If a person has a high Ki, then he/she is healthy, confident, and ready to cope with life and its challenges. If it is low, then this person is weak and may get sick very fast. Living beings absorb Ki from the air, food, sunshine, and sleep. A lot of people are practicing Mediation, yoga, and breathing so they can elevate the Ki level. If a person dies, Ki is abandoning its corpse.

If you haven’t heard about Ki, you must have heard about the Chi (in China), Prana (in India), Ti, or Ki (in Hawaii). Those are all different names by different countries, but they all mean the same – life force.

Reiki Definition

Well, according to the previously mentioned arguments, we can define Reiki as a non-physical healing energy that is created from the life force energy guided by our higher intelligence. Another definition and a shorter one is a spiritually guided life force energy.
These two are only definitions that explain the specific meaning of what Reiki does to our organism. And it is proved by the Reiki Masters.

The power of health comes from Ki that is in the individual that flows through them and not from the excellent function of the physical organs and tissues. Ki is the one that animates the organs and tissues in the body, and Ki is responsible for the proper function of the whole organism.

In a situation when the Ki flow is interrupted, the organs and the tissues are immediately affected. When the Ki stops and organs and tissues are affected, only one thing follows — illness.

One exciting feature of Ki is that it responds to one’s feelings and thoughts. It can be stronger if our thoughts are positive, and it can be weakened if they are negative. What we think is what we attract. If we think positively, we will attract positive things. If we think negatively, negative thoughts, we will attract.

Western medicine recognizes that 98% of illness is caused directly or indirectly by the mind.
We must bear in mind that we don’t exist only through our brain, but also through our body. It is proven that the mind extends outside of the body, in energy from two or three feet thick called aura. Because of this fact, we can call our mind, a mind/body because they are closely related.

Illnesses and Reiki

You must know that the negative thoughts are feelings that affect the brain and the body and will disrupt the flow of the Ki energy. That is how illness is created.
We should raise awareness and understand that negativity is not only a feeling, but it is also poisonous, and we should not keep it in our mind, body, and life.

The best influence of Reiki is that the Higher intelligence guides it, and it can find the place that needs healing in our body. Reiki can affect directly through the unconscious parts in the mind/body, where we keep the negativity and eliminate them.

The process of working of Reiki is on principle, it flows through our body, and when it finds negative energy or thoughts, it clears and eliminates them, to have a proper positive energy flow. Once this process finished, the normal flow of energy in the organism continues, so all damaged places are nourished, and the illness is replaced with health.

The Reiki technique is very spread, many people are using it, and they are delighted. It is highly recommended, and it is used in hospitals as an alternative method of healing, and it is playing an important role nowadays.


Disclaimer: The information contained and provided on ReikibyElena.com is intended for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for diagnosis, medical or legal advice. Before using alternative medicine, a holistic approach, or making a change to your regimen, be advised to seek prompt medical care and consult your doctor. Results may vary from person to person. All testimonials are unique and personalized and can be verified upon request. Although you can experience positive effects from a Reiki treatment, no results are guaranteed.

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