Today we’re going to dive into spirituality, spiritual healings, and spiritual growth. Let’s get this clear at the very start: spirituality and religion are two different things. You can be spiritual without being religious, and you can be religious without being spiritual. They can and cannot be linked to each other. There are many misconceptions about spirituality, but that’s another topic. The most important thing to know when considering spiritual healing is that it won’t change your religion, it won’t make you a non-believer, and you don’t have to be a religious person.

Everyone, literally everyone, from every religion, can use spiritual healing techniques. Spirituality is independent of religions. Now let’s first explain the concept of spirituality and see what problems may arise during that path.

Spirituality and divine power

When choosing spiritual healing, like Reiki, for instance, you can’t expect that it will magically solve all your problems. This kind of healing will fix some issues but will also help you to enhance and develop a spiritual life. It will help you understand the cause of the problem and help you see things from a different angle.

If you are already a spiritual person, whoever your God is, you can always pray or ask for guidance from God or a divine being. By adding the power of Reiki, whether Angelic, Usui, or others, you will enhance the benefits for yourself and your clients.
Being a spiritual person means practicing rituals and routines, believing in divine power, and living your life in accordance with the principles of the spiritual path you have chosen to follow.

Light is energy

In Angelic Reiki, the healer is not the one that is doing the healing. The Angels do that part through their light. In Usui Reiki, the healer is the channel for the energy to pass through to the client. The energy passes through the practitioner and goes to the client. In Reiki healing, your client needs to give permission before receiving any form of healing.

Spiritual growth

Someone’s spiritual growth is all about where he/she is on the spiritual ladder and how they conduct themselves every day. Spiritual growth can be enhanced in many ways, of which Reiki is one.
Being vegetarian, doing yoga, meditating, chanting are all ‘roads’ to spiritual life. Reiki can either improve these spiritual practices or can be your one and only practice. It depends on where you stand on your spiritual path.

Spiritual problems

1. Problems for couples who hold different spiritual beliefs

Traditionally, couples usually hold the same spiritual beliefs and are truthful to the same religion. It is in the entrenched collective consciousness that Muslims should not marry Christians or vice versa. Relationships like these are hard, mainly if people belong to a very controversial society. As new generations come, there are more cases of couples who are in love but have different spiritual beliefs. Maybe one person is an angel follower, and the other is traditionally religious, or perhaps both are non-religious but hold different views on issues like life-after-death or reincarnation. It is always a good option if they find common ground.

There are also many cases where only one of the partners becomes interested in Reiki and decides to take that journey. I’ve been in such a situation myself, and it didn’t go well, but it depends on the person you are with. For your partner to accept Reiki or another spiritual discipline, there has to be love between you two, understanding, and acceptance.

If you lack any of these in your relationship, there soon will be no relationship at all. Consider yourself lucky if your partner accepts your changes, supports you in taking different paths, spiritual practices, or even changing religions. It is very important to understand that people who do not accept you for who you are should not be in your life at all.

If you and your partner find common ground and accept each other’s beliefs no matter how different they are, then you will live a life full of harmony and experience the benefits of both spiritual teachings.
It is very important to present both teachings to your children so they can choose what attracts them most. Do not force, do not talk bad about your partner’s beliefs just because they are different than yours.

Buddha was not a Buddhist; Jesus was not a Christian; Muhammad was not a Muslim. They were all teachers who thought love. Love was their religion. – Anonymous

Only by experiencing the freedom of choice people can reach their full potential. Accept yourself and accept others. At the end of the day, acceptance is what matters to you as well.

2. Lack of faith

People who don’t have faith in divine power or God may seek it in later life. Maybe they will see the benefits of ‘believing’ and feel that they are missing out on something. My advice to you, if you don’t believe in God or any other divine being, is to find at least something for you to believe in. It may be the Universe, the Sun, the Mood…whatever you feel most connected to.

3. Losing faith

This is different from the lack of faith because a person who has lost hope held a belief and feeling of being abandoned. Being crossed with God may block the crown chakra, so be careful. Reiki sessions can help in restoring faith.


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