We’ve all read how getting out of the comfort zone is never easy and how we should do this or that, and in theory, it’s all very logical, even easy. But when the moment comes and leaving the comfort is right ahead of us, waiting to be conquered, the general feeling we all have is to step back.

The anxiety is right there, next to us, telling us to back off, or there might be consequences. Something might go wrong. Stay here, do not make the change now; you will do it next time, the anxiety whispers.

And it seems like the right thing to do – stepping right back to where we were, safe, careless, and everything is so effortless.
But those who really want to make a change, and like to see what’s on the other side, know that they need to make that one little step. They are fighting the anxiety, fighting the fear, and trying to shut down the voices in their head so they can concentrate on the courage to see the unseen and experience the unknown.

It always starts with little things, from driving somewhere for the first time, standing against someone who has disrespected you, changing a job that you really hate to leaving your hometown.

A year ago, my comfort was my best friend. I loved it, adored it, and was very proud to be in it. I spent three years doing nothing different. Today was the same as the previous day and precisely the same as the following day. I refused to make a decision about anything, whether it was for my personal or professional life.

The reserves of energy, emotions, and nerves that I had at disposal, started to waste, and I started losing it. My life was going backward, and I was the pilot. I floated and did nothing about it.

Right people come into your life for the same reason some people go out of it.

At the beginning of my Reiki journey, I got rid of some toxic energies around me, and my perception widened. I started to understand how we need to make a change so we can change. It’s absurd to want a change and do nothing about it. We are the artists of the most sacred art – our lives.

As I was stepping out of my comfort zone, my life began to change. I am growing spiritually, and I do not plan to stop. Reiki opened my eyes and gave me the courage to change the things I could change and accept those I cannot.

However, even though I am continually evolving, I still find it hard to step out of comfort. Sometimes, not always, when I have the chance to do that, the old patterns come to the surface, and I feel a great peace if I embrace them. But, and this is a big BUT, I do not allow myself.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

A few days ago, I wanted to take the family dog, a sweet golden retriever named Oscar, in my apartment for a few days. I was supposed to drive him in the car long distance for the first time. I was very excited about it to have him as my guest. As the days went by, and a few hours separated me from that moment, the anxiety started knocking on my doorstep.

I started panicking and overanalyzing everything. There’s no way I can do that, what if something happens to him, what if he gets frightened and so many what-ifs.

I found myself overwhelmed with fear, and I need to stop. I recognized that this is something called getting out of the comfort and doing something different.
I went into my old room and started my Reiki practice. I asked the Archangels for assistance, I protected my aura using few energy protection techniques, and I thanked for everything I succeeded to change so far.

The peace started spreading through my body, the tension started fading away, and my stomach unfroze.
Even if you, dear readers, are not into energy work, please take a few minutes to relax your body whenever you feel anxious.

Only when you release the tension, your body can allow you to reach the full potential. Let your worry go and believe that everything happens for a reason, and even if something unfortunate happens, it’s always for your higher good. Eather it will teach you a lesson or will prevent something worse from happening.

Feel free to share what works best for you, and remember, your comfort zone will kill you…eventually.

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